Q&A with Tim Brooke-Taylor – part 4

2 Jan

In the final part of the interview with Tim Brooke-Taylor we discuss memories of filming, injuries on set and current comedians.


Q&A with Tim Brooke-Taylor – Part 3

11 Dec

In part 3 of our interview with Tim Brooke-Taylor we talk about teaching, the BBC and giant kittens.

Q&A with Tim Brooke-Taylor – Part 2

27 Nov

In this section of the interview we discuss panto and musicals with Tim.

Q&A with Tim Brooke-Taylor – Part 1

11 Nov

The videos are a little bit quiet, but hopefully you can hear all the wonderful things that Tim had to say.

In this first part, we talk about Top of the Pops, golf, and the ups and downs of being a Goodie.

Cake and Candles

8 Nov

The Goodies Bags

8 Nov

The Goodie Bags

Being a birthday party, we of course had to have Goodie Bags.

We thought you might like to see what was in them!

(Click on the picture to see the annotated version, with notes on each of the items)

In the Goodie Bags...

Super Chaps Three & Kaleidoscope

7 Nov

Tim starts to look through Superchaps Three

We were very fortunate to be joined by Simon Coward of Kaleidoscope Publishing at the 40th party. simon introduced us to Andrew Pixley’s new book about the Goodies (and allowed us to get our hands on it a few days early).

Andrew Pixley signs his masterpiece

The book is a marvellous hefty tome, 602 pages in total, filled with information from across the entire history of the programme up to the present day (even mentioning the 40th party itself at the end). This thing is a mine of information and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Goodies. You can buy it through the Kaleidoscope website, here: The Goodies: Super Chaps Three.

After introducing us to the book, Simon also told us a little about the work that Kaleidoscope does, and why it publishes books. Unfortunately I missed the first few seconds of this, but you can catch the rest of what he had to say in this video: