This year celebrates the 40th year since The Goodies first made an appearance on our television screens.  And we couldn’t let that go past without marking the occasion.   Plans are afoot, and more will be revealed soon.

This month celebrates 40 years since the Goodies first appeared on TV, and a group of fans are gathering in Manchester to celebrate in the finest tradition of birthdays everywhere: with cake, balloons and bunting.

The Goodies – comprised of Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie were a trio of guys who would do ‘Anything, Anytime, Anywhere’ with hilarious consequenses. The image of a giant kitten destroying the post office tower is still one ingrained in many people’s imaginations.

Although not as famous in the UK as their other Oxbridge contempories that we all know and love (Monty Python) this is mainly due to a lack of repeats on the tv. In Australia where the show has been repeated almost constantly it forms a much bigger part of the national consciousness. In the UK it does still have a hugely loyal following though, which is significantly made up of many people who can’t even remember the show from the first time round.

Tim Brooke-Taylor (who’s character was usually seen in a Union Jack waistcoat and with a fanatical devotion to the Queen) will be attending the event at Manchester Pub the Lass O’Gowrie on the 6th of November and will be answering questions and taking part in a live episode commentary. Also on the day there will be a showing of rare clips from the show that have not been seen for years as well as the launch of the long awaited book by acclaimed archive television historian and Goodies expert Andrew Pixley: “The Goodies: Super Chaps Three” named from one of the alternative titles originally considered for the show. The day will provide a fantastic chance for anyone over the age of 40 to playfully wallow in the memories of a cherished childhood favourite, whereas for the younger generations there is a chance to discover something new and utterly hilarious.

And there will be cake.

For anyone interested in attending the event, more information (and tickets) can be found at https://goodiesparty.wordpress.com


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